Ships in the oceanic fleet

90 %

of world trade is carried by sea

12 Billion

tonnes of cargo carried by sea

Funding the Future of Transport

Neptune is a growth-oriented maritime leasing platform.

At Neptune we are committed to delivering attractive, long term, risk-adjusted, and responsible returns to our investors, by advancing global trade and economic growth through supporting the maritime industry responsibly, and by making a positive contribution to the environment and to society as a whole.

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US$1 trillion market

Maritime Industry

The maritime industry is a US$1 trillion market, growing faster than global GDP and responsible for transporting almost 90% of world trade (UNCTAD). Fleet renewals and new environmental regulations accelerate the need for new ship investments.

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We have decades long experience in the industry and are recognized as a trusted counterparty across the sectors we operate.

We don’t just provide funding; our goal is to assist management teams to fulfil their business ambitions.

We understand the essence of timing and we are always available to talk, make decisions and respond quickly.

53,000 merchant ships

Our Strategy

is to create a growing leasing platform that will invest in attractively priced, highly liquid maritime assets that generate long-term and stable cash flows, targeting favorable risk adjusted returns with equity upside and inflation protection.

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