What we do

Maritime Industry

The maritime industry is a US$1 trillion market, growing faster than global GDP and responsible for almost 90% of world trade (UNCTAD). Small / medium size owners control ~60% of the global fleet in number of vessels. They include companies with strong management skills, successful performance and market position. Fleet renewals and new environmental regulations accelerate the need for new ship investments and create growth potential which is faster than global GDP.  

How can we help you

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to buy high quality assets at attractive prices and build a portfolio of long-term contracts through sale & leaseback transactions in the maritime sector.

Long term charter coverage provides stable and predictable cash flows with inflation protection from real assets with low market correlation.

We aim to combine attractive returns with responsible investments, positive ESG screening and active engagements with lessees, focusing on fuel efficient “eco” ships.

We target attractive risk adjusted returns with upside and quarterly cash distributions to equity holders.

Our Preferred Assets

All vessels should preferably be modern, “eco”, built 2010 or later at a reputable shipyard.

Our Principles

At Neptune we act with:

Integrity & Transparency

We have decades of solid track record in the industry, and we are widely recognized as a trusted and reliable counterparty across the sectors we operate in.

Diligence & Accountability

We engage holistically, respond effectively and timely to challenges, and act decisively, therefore delivering on what we promise.

Resilience & Prudence

We target long-term charters, stable and predictable cash flows with inflation protection, low market correlation and equity upside.

Active Engagement & Strategic ESG Transition Advice

We stand by our lessee management teams, delivering the extra support and experience required in taxing times, in order to help them fulfil their business ambitions.

ESG Priorities

At Neptune we are focused on:

Our Board of Directors in independent, strong and actively involved in Neptune’s business strategy, business risk assessment and investment oversight.

Our reputable Fund Administrator works closely with Compliance to maintain an effective system of internal controls

We continue to leverage off our proprietary industry ecosystem and network, in order to capture all the material elements in our transactions and business operations.

We remain at the forefront of environmental technological developments and regulatory requirements, and maintain our prominent industry thought leadership position.

We focus on training and education of our staff and of our portfolio companies, in order to ensure that we capture, measure and improve material ESG matters.

Neptune Leasing is a Participant of the United Nations Global Compact and adheres to its principles-based ap- proach to responsible business..