Getting to know us better!

We decided to start the year with a number of interviews some of our team members conducted very recently by Frank van Leer, our professional business coach, which we thought may come in handy for those who wish to get to know us better!
We firmly believe that the role of leasing will increase over the years as more and more of the world fleet will be leased as long term secular trends are still favouring our industry:
– Powerful emerging middle class growth trends- Goods vs services: personal consumption expenditure growth- Post covid shift to e-commerce favours shipping- Potential retirement of older less efficient ships, accelerates ESG trends, new vessel orderbook to benefit- Limited financing options for shipping companies may result in higher reliance on leasing products- Interest rate increases favour investments that offer rate protection and a stable performance
We expect shipping to follow the trajectory of aircraft leasing which increased from 1% of the fleet in 1970 to  more than 50% of the fleet in 2021. 
Let us therefore look with optimism at 2022 and wish everyone a good year with health, creativity and happiness!